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 Requests For Shop

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Pwnsome Slushy
Party Site Pwner
Party Site Pwner
Pwnsome Slushy

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PostSubject: Requests For Shop   Mon Jul 20, 2009 10:53 am

If you have anything to add to the list below for items, please tell me here.

Colored Username For A Week - 10,000
Moderator For A Day - 100,000 (Must be trustworthy)
Scout For A Week - 50,000 (Must be trustworthy)
Member Of The Week - 50,000
Custom Avatar Made By Me - 200-1,000 (Depending on how advanced it is)
Site Adviser For A Week - 100,000
Get 1,000 Cha-Ching A Day - 250,000
Get 10,000 Cha-Ching A Day - 500,000
Forum Master (Everyone has to obey you if it is fair, or else they get banned.) - 100,000,000
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Requests For Shop
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